News about VEFF can be found on Facebook under VEFF Laos.  

A Separate Agreement to the Financing Agreement signed 08/05/2018 defines the terms of the VEFF project, which consists of two components:

Component I – Investment Measure: The Vocational Education Financing Facility (VEFF) shall promote Dual Cooperative Training (DCT) in Laos by providing support to partnerships between vocational trainings institutes (VTIs) and enterprises. The focus is to support the development and implementation of DCT programs proposed jointly by VTIs with their cooperating enterprise partners.

The VEFF applies a Challenge Grant Fund approach. Challenge Grant Funds are funding instruments that distribute grants on a competitive basis. The VEFF grant support will consist of both in-kind advisory support services for the design and implementation of DCT programs and direct financial support to the VTIs and their partner enterprises for the additional costs incurred for implementing DCT programs compared to standard practice.

Component II – The Accompanying Measure (AM) is designed to support the development of a sustainable TVET financing framework in Lao PDR. Component II shall be the subject of further discussion between MoES and KfW to finalize and agree on a set of support measures which support the implementation of VEFF and the development of a sustainable financing framework.