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VEFF supports the training at Vientiane Province technical college in a Dual-Cooperative Approach on 23rd Oct 2020. Trainees will learn theory in the classroom of Vientiane Province technical college and practice in partner enterprises. Thereby knowledge and experiences of trainees will be better suited to the needs of the labor market and chances for employment after graduation increase.

In its first year of implementation the VEFF project awarded financial support to a total of 13 DCT projects. The training activities started in October 2020 and are carried out in 8 vocational and technical schools and colleges and 50 partner enterprises. From Luang Prabang in the north to Champasak in the south a total of 303 trainees (97 of them girls and young women) are learning 10 different professions, ranging from hotel operator to aircon technician and heavy machinery maintenance technician.

Under the dual-cooperative approach theory is taught at vocational schools and colleges whereas the major part of practical training takes place directly in partner enterprises. This establishes close relations between trainees and enterprises right from the start of the training thereby increasing the chances for employment of the young experts.

Ten of the projects are financed by the German-funded VEFF project and the remaining three in the hospitality and tourism sector getting support form the Skills for Tourism Project jointly financed by Luxembourg and Switzerland.

On 16.09.2021 the VEFF Steering Committee chaired by H.E. Ass. Prof. Dr. Phout Simmalavong, Minister of Education and Sports, approved 14 new DCT programs starting in school year 2021/22. Programs are located in Attapeu (2 programs), Sekong (1), Champasak (1), Saravan (2), Savannakhet (1), VientianeCapital (2), Vientiane Provnce (1), Xieng Khouang (1), and Luang Prabang (3). A total of 11 vocational training institutes and 41 partner enterprises are aiming to provide work plase based vocational training to 345 young people.

On 10. August 2020 the VEFF Steering Committee met in order to decide about Grant Applications. A total of 13 applications were brought to the committee. Two were approved and 11 must be further adjusted in order to get the final go-ahead.

The next networking event was successfully conducted at 28.02.20 in Xieng Khouang province. Good presentation and interesting talks with representatives from the restaurant, car repair, agriculture, and other business sectors.
After the meeting at Xieng Khouang IVET School, the VEFF team visited the Lao Sericulture Company who expressed interest in the project.