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VEFF projects provide support for participating partner enterprises for the following measures:

Operational budget for DCT Coordination functions

This budget shall cover additional costs of the DCT coordination at the enterprise similar to that provided to the VTIs.

Trainee Stipend

The VEFF shall finance a stipend to trainees to cover the costs of in-company training to the trainee and as an incentive to the companies to join DCT programs. Payments to the trainees shall be provided by the enterprise through a standard training contract and bank transfer, so that the system reinforces the commitment between enterprise and trainee and that, step-by-step the enterprises take responsibility for the stipend payment.

Costs and incentive for in-company trainers delivering workplace training

This budget shall bear the costs of employees at the enterprise to deliver training to trainees.

Costs of training materials and consumable required for work-based practical training

Costs for consumables required for practical training at the enterprises for the proposed DCT programs.