VEFF is closed for EoIs for school year 2020/21, receiving 21 EoIs. Thank you for your interest!  

To register for the online tool to supply an Expression of Interest online, please click here (external link).

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Article "Content of EoI"

  • Occupational standard developed with participation of the respective business sector
  • Curriculum based on Occupational Standard and adapted to DCT requirements
  1. Expression of Interest

1 or more VTI jointly with 1 or more enterprises submit a project idea as per template

VEFF VMU will check within 40 business days after receipt of EoI and inform the applicant

  1. Grant Application

For the preparation of the Grant Application VEFF offers support in form of DCT Advisors who will help the applicant to submit a Grant Proposal in line with requirements and conditions.
For more information please contact the VEFF Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.