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Operational budget for DCT Coordination functions or DCT Unit

This budget shall cover costs of the DCT coordinator or DCT Unit at the institute to plan and organize the DCT development process and to act as a focal point for actual and potential partner enterprises. This may include costs associated with the DCT Coordinator, VTI Director, Finance Department or others in the DCT Unit as approved in the proposed program.

Costs for vocational teachers undergoing further practical training at the workplace

This budget shall bear the costs of vocational teachers to improve their practical, particularly workplace-related skills and to make them familiar with working processes, particular the use of equipment. Such training may take place either at one of the partner enterprises or a leading enterprise of the respective sector.

Selected complementary training equipment reflecting the workplace requirements of the partner companies. The following types of equipment may be funded:

  • Repair of existing training equipment;
  • Procurement of standard equipment and tools to ensure a reasonable minimum standard of DCT
  • Procurement of special equipment including vendor training in the case, the necessity for its acquisition is clearly reasoned with the workplace requirement of particular companies in the proposal

Costs of training materials and consumable required for theoretical and practical training

Costs for consumables required for practical training at the Vocational Training Institute for the proposed DCT programs.

Costs of OHS Training, Materials, and Safety Gear

Costs for trainee safety kit, safety gear, and the direct costs to implement the OHS requirements at both the VTI and enterprise partners for the proposed DCT programs.